4 Airport Maintenance Tips to Make Travel Easier for Passengers

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Traveling can be a stressful experience, from dealing with long lines at check-in to hauling luggage through crowded airports. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. As an airport manager or head of airport maintenance staff, you should know how to make travel easy for passengers.

There are some things that need to be kept in check when maintaining the airport for cleanliness. Below in this blog, we are going to briefly explain some of the useful tips that will help you keep the airport in good shape.

1. Keep the Terminals Clean

The first thing you should do on a daily basis is to keep the terminals clean for passengers to board the airplane. Ask the janitor staff to clean the pathways and corridors permanently and use phenyl and any other disinfectant on the floor.

You will also have to check for any potential water damage in the bathrooms. If there is water leakage from any of the bathrooms, it is suggested to call a commercial water damage restoration contractor immediately and have it looked after.

Regularly taking these maintenance measures will help you prevent a major problem in the future.

2. Provide Ample Seating

One of the best ways you can keep the airport from being overcrowded is to provide ample seating space to passengers. Airports are usually overcrowded because of the relatives and family members who come to see off their loved ones on their journey.

As an airport manager, you can keep the crowd minimum by providing ample seating space for them. It includes installing benches in a smarter way that saves space and is comfortable for people to sit on. This will reduce the crowd of standing and walking people and allow you to fit in more people.

3. Keep the Airplanes in Good Condition

Another way you can reduce the hassle at the airport and save yourself and your passengers from additional headaches is by keeping the airplanes maintained and in good condition. The normal airbuses at the airport are a320 airbuses.

These airbuses have V2500 engines and are in need of maintenance from time to time. So, you will have to look for V2500 engine overhaul services to keep them maintained by doing all the necessary tune-ups. It will save you from bigger problems down the road and will maintain the quality of your services.

4. Keep the Terminal Exterior Area Clean

The exterior of the airport terminal area is the most used space. Inside the airport, there are only walking people, but on the outside, there are all sorts of traffic, taxis, and heavy vehicles trying to make their way. The best you can do is to keep this area clean and free from any heavy traffic.

Display the instructions to park taxis and other vehicles on the side of the road to keep the movement of walking people smooth. Following this approach, many airports are now following programs such as LEED and BREEAM to get sustainable buildings that save energy and cost less.

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