Everything You Need to Know about Tungsten Rings

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An exciting part about choosing rings (wedding or otherwise) is their variety. From colour to material, the options are endless. However, when thinking of rings, most people immediately think of gold, silver, or platinum. While they are incredible colours, the trend is slowly shifting towards alternate and more affordable materials like tungsten. Stores like Rogue Nation are leaning towards crafty, bold, strong, and unique, and tungsten checks all the boxes.

If you are debating whether to purchase tungsten rings or not, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make a confident decision.

Durability? You’ve Got It

Buying jewellery is not a mere purchase; it is an investment. Good quality jewellery is synonymous with durability, and tungsten abides by this rule. Its durability ensures that your tungsten ring will still look brand new decades later, regardless of when you buy it. Gold is also highly durable, but since tungsten’s hardness surpasses gold’s, it is stronger and lasts longer.

Remain Allergy-Free

A persistent problem that people encounter when wearing metallic jewellery is that it triggers their allergies. However, tungsten is an exception. Tungsten jewellery is safe despite containing nickel, which is infamous for triggering allergic reactions.

Make an Environmental Friendly Choice

Unlike most metals you obtain from mining, tungsten comes from organic matter, such as sand, clay, and gravel. Since these materials form on the earth’s surface, they do not require heavy digging. You can purchase tungsten rings with a light heart and a guilt-free conscience, knowing you did not contribute to the earth’s corrosion or harm.

No More Scratches

Tungsten almost rivals diamond’s hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale. It ranks between 8 and 9, making it extremely strong and durable. Tungsten is the best material if you partake in heavy chores that damage or scratch your rings. It does not wear and tear when kept with other metals and remains in shape. The only stone capable of leaving a scratch on tungsten is a diamond.

Tungsten Won’t Break the Bank

A common misconception about tungsten is that its durability increases its prices. Despite being one of the hardest metals, tungsten is affordable. Its affordability makes it a go-to and ideal alternative for gold and platinum jewellery. Brides and grooms opt for tungsten jewellery, as it allows them to purchase a gorgeous ring and throw a lavish party without exceeding their budget.

Picking the Best Tungsten Rings

If you are purchasing jewellery, it is only fair that you buy the best one. For first-time tungsten buyers, picking the perfect ring might seem overwhelming. However, keeping these factors in mind when shopping will help you choose the right band.

Finger Size

First and foremost, the most crucial factor to remember when shopping for rings is your finger size. Choose a ring that is neither too tight nor too loose. Check the size chart when ordering for precise measurements.


Tungsten is famous for its versatility. You can find rings in various designs and styles, such as thick, thin, or plain, so pick a ring that reflects your personality and the occasion.


Your ring’s colour depends on the occasion. For instance, you can pick a ring that matches all outfits for daily use. However, if you buy a wedding ring, ensure it matches your outfit.

Final Thoughts

Smart purchasing is the new trend. Stores like Rogue Nation are embracing this wave and turning to affordable, eco-friendly, and durable metals like tungsten. Tungsten rings offer the whole package. They are hypoallergenic, reasonable, and versatile, giving you a buffet of choices!

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