Helpful Orlando Road Trip Organization With Your Family

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Family Road Trip to Orlando

How do you organize a family road trip to sunny Orlando? If you’re planning a vacation to Florida, you need to think about your trip from the basics to the smallest details! And the first thing is the roads. 

Traffic in Orlando

Orlando as well as any other city in America is full of kilometers of roads and you can’t do without your own car. Any store, pharmacy, can be at least 5 kilometers from home. Even if you are going to walk, your walk will turn into a scorcher, because the United States is famous not only for its long roads, but also for the high temperatures.

You don’t have to worry about the rules of the road. They are very simple and there are no “complicated” road signs. More often than not, there are pictograms that tell you where you need to turn to get to your destination. 

Equally important are crosswalks. The classic crosswalk is not drawn everywhere, because traffic lights can also tell you that you are approaching a zebra. 

And the last thing – the roads. They are flat, without potholes and potholes. Knowing all the rules of the road to wheel on smooth roads of America will be a solid pleasure!

Advantages of renting a car in Orlando

If you want to enjoy your vacations, and not just drive around in a hot car, you need a van. Renting a van is very popular in Orlando. Especially in demand for people with a large company or family. 

The main advantages of renting a car in Orlando are the quick response time of the renters and the services!

You can rent a van of any package, model, size, and style on the most popular sites like Airbnb or On these sites you can always find the right 10 passenger van rental Orlando Airport for 10 people and even haggle a little bit. 

You can also book a van before you arrive. There are little-known but more reliable sites that specialize in rental cars and vans such as or 

Car rental options in Orlando

There are an infinite number of options for renting a car. But for a region like Orlando, it is recommended to take a car with a large capacity and a huge trunk. These recommendations are given for a reason: distances to stores, pharmacies, and other necessities are always at great distances. They have all the comforts to move around the city and the region. And besides, it’s a huge savings on the hostel, which is very rare when traveling, especially if you’re not in town or on a tight budget.

Best themed parks most walks to visit with kids

Orlando is the perfect place for fun in the parks with kids. The first is «Universal Studios Florida Park». This park will open the gates to the world of the film, television and other entertainment industries.

The second park is the «Disney Animal Kingdom theme park». This park is dedicated to the realm of all animals. Once you step through its gates, you’ll get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the concrete boxes and glass skyscrapers. You will get into a real jungle fairy tale, where nature rules!

The third park, «The Wizarding World of Harry Potter». There you will become a wizard of one of those very faculties. Instead of your daily routine, whether it be school, university, or work, you will begin to learn potions, levitation, and witchcraft with a wand.

And a fourth theme park called «Ekpot». The future is just around the corner and new technologies and parks are emerging as time goes on. This park is dedicated to the visualization of the future, where robots walk the streets, and already familiar buildings have become filled with bizarre shapes and the latest technology.

Each park is unlike the other and completely corresponds to its theme. So it’s not just the park you choose, but also the organization of a family trip to Orlando.

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