How Do I Prepare a Washroom For Tile Installment?

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Throughout a series of short articles, I am undergoing the steps included for redesigning a bathroom. In this post, we are mosting likely to talk about the preparation process after the washroom demolition is total. Take a look on Encaustic Hexagon Tiles.

What do you do now? I outlined the actions involved for ceramic tile installment.

Step 1:

Clean the shower room.

Eliminate any screws or nails in the wall that are subjected.

Vacuum the flooring to remove any building debris left from the demolition.

Examine subjected framing for any type of water damages or rotting wood. Repair any type of framework as needed.

Check subjected framing for plumbness. Any kind of mounting out of square will influence the tile and also or tub. Fix any kind of framework as needed.

Step 2:

Install bathtub.

Move the tub right into area; make certain to inspect that the bath tub is level. Use plastic shims to level the bath tub, if needed. As soon as the bath tub is level, note the top of the toenailing flange.

Remove the bathtub as well as mount 2×4 journal boards to the wall studs. The bathtub will rest on the journal boards once the tub is in place.

Some tubs need to be embeded in thin set to help sustain the bottom. Mix the slim set as you would certainly for floor tile and also use a solid base where the bath tub will certainly be positioned. Be sure to read and comply with the supplier’s suggestion for installing your tub.

Make certain the bathtub is still level when placed on the ledger board and on the thin set, if required. If the tub is not level, adjust the journal boards and also thin collection as required.

Attach the drain pipes and also overflow valve.

Link the nailing flange to the framing studs. Adhere to the maker’s suggestions.

Action 3:

Prepare shower border for tile.

The mounting studs must be exposed where the floor tile is mosting likely to be installed in the shower. Any type of needed framing repair work must be completed.

Vacuum the bathtub out as required to get rid of any kind of building and construction particles.

Protect the tub with ground cloth.

Develop a vapor obstacle in between the mounting studs and backer boards. You can utilize asphalt felt roof paper, or plastic sheathing as a vapor obstacle. Affix the felt paper to the framing studs with staples. Overlap the really felt paper 6 to 8 inches vertically and also 2 to 4 inches horizontally.

Allow the felt paper to overlap the nailing flange on the tub.

Apply a grain of silicone sealant on the tub nailing flange as well as in between the really felt paper.

Press the felt paper to the sealant on the toenailing flange to create a closed seal.

Pre-cut the cement backer boards to fit about the tub border. Allow the backer board to sit 1/4 inch off the bathtub deck.

Step and also mark for the pipes that need to be removed. Pierce the holes using a carbide hole saw. Pierce the holes a 1/4 inch bigger than the pipes.

Screw the backer boards to the studs with rust resistant screws as per the maker’s suggestions.

Tape the joints with joint tape produced backer boards. This tape can be bought at your neighborhood building supply shop. It is typically located in the drywall supply section or ceramic tile area and also is identified for concrete backer boards. Comply with the supplier’s recommendation for mixing the thinset mortar.

Apply mortar over the tape and also allow completely dry for 24 hours.

Tip 4:

Prepare floor for floor tile.

Pre-cut the cement backer boards to fit the flooring design.

Dry fit the backer boards to ensure they will certainly fit properly. Leave a 1/8 inch space between backer boards and 1/4 inch void between the wall surfaces and tub.

Get rid of the backer boards.

Mount a thin layer of mortar (around 1/8 of an inch thick) with a scratched trowel onto the subfloor. Securely press the backer boards onto the thin set. Follow the producer’s recommendation for blending the mortar.

Start on the within the room and also function your way out. Just spread sufficient thinset mortar on the flooring for the size of the backer board you are putting down. Keep the backer board in as large areas as possible.

Screw the backer board to the subfloor with rust immune screws based on the manufacturer’s referrals.

Tape the joints with joint tape created backer boards.

Apply slim set mortar over the tape and also allow completely dry for 1 day.

Tip 5:

Prime and also paint the wall surfaces and ceiling.

Repair work any drywall damages with joint substance.

Prime both ceiling and also the walls.

Paint ceiling and also the walls.

I prefer to repaint now due to the fact that I do not need to stress over obtaining paint on freshly established tile. You also have the choice to paint eventually later on in the remodel.

Now you prepare to set your tile. The bathroom remodel at this stage is about half way total.

Examine as well as double check to make sure every little thing is done correctly! If at any kind of factor you are not comfy, take a go back as well as greater the correct professional. Constantly comply with the local and nationwide building codes.

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