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The birth of a child ushers in a fresh start in the lives of both the mother and the father. Whether the new family members join the parents’ life after years of wishing for them or as a surprise, the environment is filled with excitement and festivities. Hindu Baby Names do not need to be archaic and out of date, just like the Arabic name “Raha“!

Check out our alphabetical list of Hindu baby names and their meanings. We will help you to choose the perfect name for your unborn or recently born child.

Top Hindu Baby Boy Names
Raha Meaning Of Raha Name Is “Peace Of Mind”, Raha Name Origin is found in different cultures. Raha Name Meaning is different in different languages.
Parth The Supreme Leader, Stellar Figure
Aakil Clever, Astute
Kiaan Old Or Royal
Mahir Expert
Nadin River Lord
Onir Considered To Be Among The Most Attractive Choices For A Hindu Newborn Boy’s Name, The Meaning “Shining.”
Viaan It Is A Name For A Contemporary Hindu Boy Meaning “The Sun.”
Ivan Vigorous And Active
Reyansh The Word Connotes A Position Of Leadership Or Royalty.
Aryan A Beam Of Light Is What It Means In Its Literal Form.
Ishaan Again, This Is A Top Choice For Hindu Parents Naming A Son. Meaning “The Sun” And “Harbinger Of Prosperity,” It Is A Moniker For The Hindu God Shiva.
Ridhaan Searcher
Daksh Exceptional Son
Simar Its Literal Translation Is “God’s Favorite.”
Adwait It Is One Of The Most Original Options For A Hindu Newborn Boy’s Name Since The Word Implies Special.
Yash Fame
Zian Self-Peace
Dhvan Humming
Nehal Handsome
Aahir Dazzling
Vihan Dawn
Laksh Destination
Rahi Traveler
Neel Shiva Has Several Meanings, One Of Which Is “Passionate.”
Aagar A Person With Musical Interests.
Amargeet It Alludes To A Tune That Will Play Forever.
Anand Happiness
Ambadas The Anthem To Living
Arun Dawn
Basant Spring
Bhairav Formidable
Bilas One Who Doesn’t Have Much Pigmentation
Chandrakant Moonstone
Deepak Light
Dev God
Devsakh A Confidant
Gaud Trinket
Gungeet A Hymn To Good Character
Hemant Gold
Jayant Victorious
Jariti Praise
Kabir An Influential, Strong Leader
Kalyan Fortunate
Kamas Passion, Enjoyment
Kaushik Affection
Kedar Powerful
Lalit Classical Music From Hindustani Originates From The Raga.
Kiran A Bright Ray Of Light
Malhar Hindustani Classical Music Is Based On The Raga System.
Manav Youth
Mangal Fortunate
Mohan Fascinating
Narayan One Of The Gods Of The Hindu Religion
Prabhat Morning
Rishabh A Tonal Accent
Rushang Sacred Music Of The Saints
Sarang The Spotted Deer
Shwar A Melodious Tone, Soft Voice
Shankar Anyone Who Makes Other People Happy
Shyam Represents A Deep Blue Shade.
Tanav Instrumental Music On The Flute
Swarank The Corresponding Musical Syllable
Vinod Delight
Aditya Sun
Akash Sky
Brja Nature
Bhaumik Master Of The World
Bhaskar Sun
Bhuvan World
Druhyu A Person Who Takes Pleasure In Being Outside
Dhruv A Star
Gagan Sky
Hemish A Deity In Charge Of Planet Earth
Hridyanshu Moon
Iresh Inhabitant Of The Planet Earth
Iravat Water Vapor Clouds
Kshitij Horizon
Mihir Sun
Mehul Rain
Neeraj Lotus
Nisarg Nature
Prakrit Nature
Pavan Brisk Air
Ravish Sun
Sagar Ocean
Sarang Moon
Shashank Moon
Suraj Sun
Tarak Star
Tushar Snow
Varun Ocean
Vihaan Dawn
Veeraj One Of The Largest In The Known Cosmos


Top Hindu Baby Girl Names
Adhira Lightening
Ahaana Dawn
Aashini Flash
Aruna It’s morning, and the sun is rising.
Arundhati Rising star
Aamaya Spirit in Nature
Arunima Light from the morning sun
Aanupa Lake
Arushi Sun’s earliest rays
Avani Earth
Aavya Word is on its way
Bahar It’s time for spring!
Bhulaxmi the land’s presiding goddess
Barkha Rain
Bhumika Earth
Chandana Sandalwood
Chandani Moonlight
Chandrika Moonlight
Damini Lightning
Dhaara Wetness, gushing
Dharini Earth
Ela Earth
Greeshma Summer
Gagni Space
Haima Snow
Heemadri Mountain
Himani Raining ice
Himayra Crystal clear, like snow
Indoo Moonlight
Ishani Silk cotton bush
Ishanya Places in the north-east
Ishya Springtime
Jhil Waterfall
Jaanavi Moonlight
Kairavi Moonlight
Kreetika A star
Kaveri Indic river name
Keya Flower
Kiran One bright spot
Mahi Globe
Meghna Clouds
Mihika Clouds, mist, and dewdrops
Mihira Sunlight
Nilima We have a clear blue sky today.
Naxatra Star
Nisha Night
Poonam There is a full moon.
Prachi Older
Prakruti Nature, Surrounding
Pratyusha Sunrise
Rajani Night
Rashmi Some bright spot
Rutuja the reigning queen of the seasons
Raveena Sunshine
Ritu Season
Roshni Light
Sagarika having to do with the sea
Sameera Breeze
Sarita River
Sejal A stream of water
Shikha Crest
Shrishti Nature
Sindhu The title of a river
Sitara Star
Sheela Stone
Sharinee Moon
Tara Star
Twisha Sunlight
Tusharika Snowflake
Udipti Fire
Urmi Wave
Usha Dawn
Ushama Tensely warm
Uttara Pole Star
Varsha Rain
Vasudha Earth
Vrishti Rain
Wari Water
Yamini Night
Yashti shining star
Anjalika An arrow from Arjuna’s quiver
Anasuya Spouse of Rishi Atri
Anjana Mother’s name of Lord Hanuman
Arundhati She who rules the night as the goddess of darkness
Binata Husband of the wise man Kashyap
Chitrangada Wife of Arjuna
Damayanti Queen Nala’s wife
Daksha Goddess Shiva’s consort
Devaki Mother of Krishna, the Lord
Devahuti She is Manu’s daughter.
Devayani the wise Shukra’s offspring
Diti The spouse of Sage Kashyap
Draupadi Wife of the Pandavas
Fullara The spouse of Kalketu
Gauri A facet of Devi
Gayatri Mother of the Vedas
Geeta Holy Scriptures
Indrani Indra’s Wife
Indrasena Queen Nala’s Daughter
Indrina Progeny of Nala and Damayanti
Jayanthi Indian royalty’s offspring
Janaki An other moniker for the divine muse is Sita.
Kanika A Representative of Sakuni
Kausalya Lord Rama’s mother
Laakshi Dushyanth’s wife
Lopamudra She was the wife of Agastya Muni, the lord
Madhavi Baby girl of Yayati
Malini An active river
Menaka A stunning apsara
Mitra Another Aditya
Mythili Another name for Sita
Rambha An apsara monarch
Renuka She who gave birth to Parasurama
Revati Wife of Balaram
Rohini Mate of Vasudeva
Rudrani Shiva’s Wife
Rukmini An illustrious consort of Krishna
Sharmishtha Mrs. Yayathi
Shivani Shiva’s Wife
Siya Rama, Lord Ram’s wife
Subhadra Lady Arjuna, Arjuna’s Wife
Trishika Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity
Urmila Lakshmana’s wife
Urvashi A stunning apsara
Vaidehi Alternative spelling of Sita
Valli Wife of Karthikeya
Varunika Mother Nature, or the Rain Goddess
Vatika Vira, Vyasa’s spouse

Now, that’s what you call a lengthy list! Did you find the perfect name for your young Hindu prince or Hindu princess on our list of boy and girl names?


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