Top 7 Ways In Which Video Marketing Can Turbocharge Your Small Business

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Small businesses are on a shoestring budget. They need to sustain themselves and look for avenues to grow continuously by roping in new customers.

For this, owners need a strong promotional tool that can bring their business popularity, credibility, and consistent sales.

If you run a small business, you must capitalize on the explosive potential of video marketing to dramatically increase the footfall of qualified organic leads on your website. In this bid, you can rely on versatile and multi-purpose promo video templates to present relevant video content to targeted customers in immersive formats.

Importance Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

You would be amazed to learn that 3 billion+ internet users of different ages watch downloaded or streaming online videos at least once every month. This offers a tentative estimate of the huge exposure video marketing can give your small business.

Further, the digital touchpoints through which online videos are published are growing continuously, leaving viewers spoilt for choice. This is the best time to monetize people’s affinity for videos to turbocharge your business turnover and gain a competitive edge.

You can make an informed decision to leverage video marketing and integrate it into your digital promotion strategy by going through the proven advantages discussed below.

Brand Awareness and Recall Rate Increases Significantly

Viewers like to watch interesting and quirky videos to entertain themselves. If you succeed in catering to the tastes of targeted audiences, you can drive engagement at an astoundingly fast pace.

A higher number of video likes and shares would spread the word about your brand like wildfire. Further, people can retain information displayed through videos better than textual content. This

ensures that a lead can recall your brand name when an appropriate purchasing opportunity shows up.

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Ranking Grows Considerably

Search engines like Google prefer to accord higher SERP index value to websites that post informative videos on their landing and internal pages.

You can post your videos on a dedicated channel page on YouTube, which prides itself on being the second most frequented search engine after Google. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts get an emphatic boost with video marketing.

Based on the viewership of your videos on YouTube, website, and social platforms, Google will determine your SERP ranking. Videos are super effective in making your website rank on the opening page of relevant results for search engine queries.

If you fail to grab a spot on the first page, leads may not bother to explore your business offerings. Too much is at stake, but videos can help save your brand prestige.

Social Media Users Are Optimally Engaged

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., experience the highest density of online population every day. If you succeed in capturing the attention of users frequenting these platforms, your small business can gain immense visibility in a short time.

No paid promotion can accomplish this so realistically.

Videos you intend to deploy on social media need to be entertaining, immersive, and informative. This will motivate viewers to connect with your brand, interact more, and show their appreciation through likes or shares.

Your brand popularity’s growth can be further stimulated by influencers who can inspire people to bond emotionally with your business. Brand advocates would grow, and word-of-mouth promotion will do the trick for you.

Always conclude your promo videos with a strong call to action. This will facilitate a better lead conversion. A good video promo maker will help incorporate all your strategic needs in videos optimally to reflect your brand ethos optimally.

Potential Customers Can Make Conscious Purchasing Decision

Leads won’t convert unless they are convinced of the better functionalities offered by your business product/service in solving their specific problems conclusively.

With short and absorbing explainer videos, you can offer insights into how your products deliver better customer outcomes. Leverage cool animations to shed light on complex aspects.

Videos help prospective buyers see the value inherent in your small business’s offerings. Your business sales can grow phenomenally if information served through videos resonates well with audiences.

Email Promotional Campaigns Become Highly Effective

The inboxes of targeted customers in every niche are flooded daily by promotional emails. What acts as a trigger to capture the attention of confused leads, then?

The word ‘video’ in the subject line, as well as promo video embedded in the body of the email.

Yes, the email opening rate jumps by 19% if the word ‘video’ is mentioned in the subject and body. Further, the click-through rate increases by 65%, and 26% lesser leads tend to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

If you feel that the spam policy of the email providers leads to the landing of emails with embedded videos in the quarantine folder, consider attaching the thumbnail of your video. It should be linked to your landing page, where your main video is posted.

Your email campaign will yield more dividends if your video is set for automatic playing. Building Trust And Brand Image Becomes Easier

The algorithms of social platforms are geared to make those types of videos frequently appear in the user feeds that they had liked or shared before. So, if your videos appeal to the public’s sentiments, your brand’s presence will soon expand.

With increasing views, interaction, and shares, the brand image will become better established in the psyches of leads.

All major online platforms offer analytical support to understand which videos are making people swoon and which are falling apart. You can fine-tune your strategies based on the feedback.

Mobile Internet Users Can Be Influenced Easily

The community of users accessing the internet over mobile devices is ever-growing. If your video is mobile responsive, you can quickly pique the interest of targeted leads about your brand.

With decreasing smartphone prices and internet charges, the dependence on phones for online access will only increase. Your brand’s outreach will grow at an unprecedented rate, with the videos acting as the fulcrum.


Your small business can start minting profits much earlier than expected if you can strategically leverage video marketing through relevant touchpoints. Remember, well-crafted and curated videos make it easier for targeted audiences to understand your brand values and the sincerity in your approach.

Videos can be shared easily. So, if your promo video appeals to the shorter attention span of audiences, it can become viral in no time. Your brand’s popularity will grow, resulting in an inflow of high-quality organic traffic to your website.

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