Why You Must Recognize Employee Efforts

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Recognizing employee performance can be the difference between a company that thrives and one that struggles. It can boost productivity, morale and employee retention.

Recognizing employees can be the difference

Recognizing employees’ efforts is a crucial way to motivate them, retain them and generally make their work environment a better place. It’s also key in building trust between employers and employees. Recognition can be one of the many ways you show your employees that you care about their well-being.

So how do you keep up with all your different responsibilities as an employer? Luckily, modern technology has made it easier than ever for companies to recognize employee efforts online through tools like [Employee Recognition Software](https://www.recognizeit.com). These tools allow managers to quickly and easily recognize their teams’ hard work by sending digital rewards, such as badges or points, that are tracked in real-time on a single platform within just minutes of completing the task at hand! You can also go for gifts for employees to motivate them.

Recognition motivates employees to keep performing

Recognition is a powerful motivator and the best way to motivate employees. People perform better when they feel valued and appreciated by those around them. It’s also much more effective than rewards or punishments, which are often given for the wrong reasons—such as guilt, fear of punishment or trying to meet an expectation set by someone else. Acknowledging employee efforts can help them grow as individuals and make you both more productive in the long run!

Public recognition boosts morale and productivity

Public recognition is a powerful tool for employee engagement. By highlighting your team’s good work, you can build awareness and create a culture of appreciation that boosts morale and productivity.

Research shows that recognition has a ripple effect on employees: when one person receives praise or rewards, it creates an impulse to perform better in order to get recognized. This phenomenon was observed in a study by Stanford University professor Jonah Berger. They found that when one person receives public attention for their accomplishments (such as being mentioned on social media), there’s an 8% lift in their performance within two weeks.

In addition to boosting employee engagement and productivity, public recognition can inspire others to perform better too!

Positive feedback improves employee retention

Recognizing employees is a crucial part of maintaining a productive and engaged team. Positive feedback can be the difference between an employee staying with your company or leaving it, so it’s important to make sure you’re giving them regular recognition.

When you give positive feedback, you’re telling your employees that they are doing their jobs well and helping your company succeed. Recognizing employees will also help boost workplace morale and productivity—two things essential for companies who want to succeed!

Keep in mind: public recognition has been shown to increase retention rates by up to 20%. Gifting professionals at Hickory Farms suggest, “Treating your staff to curated gifts picked just for them is surely going to boost their morale and make them feel like your company is a perfect place to work.”

While corporate policies can help your organization thrive, it’s the people who make the difference. Acknowledging employee efforts is one of many ways to show that you care and that they matter. The benefits are many: improved morale, better productivity and retention rates among others. It’s time to take action!

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