BBQs 2U – Transform Your Outdoor Cooking with Kamado Joe Big Joe II

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Friends and family gatherings in the backyard over sizzling food, enticing aroma, and laughter have been cherished for decades.

Outdoor cooking has allowed friends and families to keep their bonds strong. In recent years, the Kamado Joe Big Joe II has appeared as a promising grill for gaining an ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

The Big Joe II has captured the hearts of grill enthusiasts with its innovative design and versatile features.

BBQs 2U store is a great choice for amateur or seasoned chefs looking to invest in a new barbeque around the UK.

The store offers a wide selection of branded BBQs, including Kamado Joe Big Joe II & III, Napoleon, Master Gravity, Ooni, and more.

You get a wide selection, expert advice, and competitive and excellent service that is hard to beat!

Intriguing construction

  • The KJ Big Joe II has a distinctive egg-shaped design inspired by ancient Japanese cooking techniques. This unique shape promotes efficient heat circulation for cooking food evenly and thoroughly.
  • The ceramic material used in the grill’s construction provides excellent heat retention, allowing for precise temperature control.
  • This means that whether you are slow-cooking ribs or searing a steak, the Big Joe II delivers consistent and reliable results every time.

Ample cooking surface

One of the standout features of the Big Joe II is its 24-inch diameter cooking surface. This generous cooking surface on the grill offers ample space to cook for a crowd. It is a perfect companion for backyard gatherings and celebrations.

Versatile cooking system

The multi-level cooking system enhances the versatility of the Big Joe II. You can grill different foods at varying temperatures simultaneously. With this grill, the possibilities range from searing steaks at high heat to slow-cooking tender briskets at a lower temperature.

Cooking capabilities

  • Temperature control is critical in achieving the perfect grilled dish, and the KJ Big Joe II excels in this feature.
  • The air-tight seal of the grill is facilitated by its top-of-the-line gasket.
  • The patented Kontrol Tower vent allows for precise control over airflow. This, in turn, enables you to regulate the temperature with unequaled accuracy. It ensures that your food is correctly cooked.

Novice and seasoned grillers can maintain a consistent temperature, making Big Joe II the best performer in outdoor cooking.


The Big Joe II is also intended to offer cooks the needed convenience to enjoy cooking meals.

  • The divide-and-conquer cooking system provides flexibility by allowing you to use different cooking surfaces simultaneously.
  • Whether you prefer the classic grill grates, the heat-deflecting ceramics, or the versatile cast iron, the Big Joe II easily accommodates your culinary preferences.
  • The patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer simplifies the cleaning process after cooking.


  • The grill is constructed with high-quality materials. It includes thick-walled ceramic and rust-resistant stainless steel, which is capable to withstand the severities of outdoor use.
  • The cart is designed from sturdy, powder-coated cast aluminium. It adds to the grill’s durability. It provides a stable and secure platform for your cooking activities.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe II transforms outdoor cooking into a culinary adventure. It is the ultimate grilling experience for cooking fans looking for exceptional results because of features like –

  • Innovative design
  • Unparalleled temperature control
  • User-friendly features

The Big Joe II invites weekend cooks and seasoned pitmasters to uplift their outdoor cooking game and savour the remarkable flavors only a Kamado Joe can deliver. Visit BBQs 2U to invest in KJ Big Joe II – Transform your outdoor cooking!

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