Granite Countertops: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Slab

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Are you trying to decide which granite countertops will look best in your Toledo or Perrysburg home? The Countertop Shop wants to make it easier for you to decide with these quick tips.

1. Love Your Granite

It’s easy to second-guess your decision when choosing a countertop. But if you love a piece of stone in the showroom, you are likelier to keep loving it after years of working on it in your kitchen. Go with your gut. When the stone makes you smile, that’s the right piece of granite.

2. Shop from Slabs Not Samples

The big box stores are more likely to show you small pieces of stone instead of the entire slab. The samples will not give you the full impact, may have different colors, lack individual characteristics, and may lead to a disappointing experience. Get the whole picture by shopping full slabs.

3. Adding Glitter and Glam to Your Home

The white crystals seen in many granite types give this stone its sparkling personality. However, the more glitter in the surface, the more the stone will show crumbs, spills, and signs of wear as it ages. If you are designing a kitchen for a growing family or busy baker, you may want to look for granite that has more dark gray and brown than white features.

4. Team Up with the Experts to Save Bold Veins and Inclusions

Remember that the giant slab of granite will get cut down into all the pieces needed to make your countertops. If there is a particular feature like rivers of white or stripes that you want in your design, make sure to tell the fabricator, so the best part of the stone doesn’t end up in the recycling bin.

5. Does It Have to be Granite?

Granite has become so popular that it is often used as a generic term for natural stone countertops. Look at other types of stone like quartzite, soapstone, and marble–and even man-made quartz. Most will perform as well as granite while giving you a wider range of choices to match your decor.

Where can you find the biggest selection of granite slabs in the Perrysburg and Toledo area? In our showroom at The Countertop Shop in Moclova. We look forward to seeing you there!

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